Land Assembly Explained - Join Our Seminar by Geraldine Santiago

Land assembly happens when two or more adjacent pieces of land are sold together as a larger parcel of land, also known as plottage.  By doing this, home owners can sell for more ro a developer.

Mark Twain said, "Buy land as they are not making more of it."  Accoring to BC Statistics Canada, by 2035 there will be an increase of 765,000 people in the lower mainland which means a growth rate of 1.3 % per year.  


According to Albert Said of MIT, the tighter the physical constrains such as bodies of water and land gradients correlates with higher real estate prices.  Vancouver is an example- the physical constraints of the mountains in the North and ocean make it impossible to build high rise buidings. 

The city of Vancouver is trying to address population growth and demand for housing options through the OCP in many communities in the lower mainland.  


Land assemblies often occur along major transportation corridors. (Granville street, Oak Street, Cambie corridor and now, adjacent arteries stemming from public transportation routes.)  t is not a new occurance but it is now more frequent.  By selling your property as a land assembly (if it is possible), owners are able to command a higher price together rather than by selling individually. 

However, it is not as easy at it looks.  This type of project is exponentially more difficult as there are many more players involved.


With all land assemblies, consideration needs to be given to the following items:

  • Intention of all parties in the land assembly to sell (each with a contract);
  • Whether all properties in the land assembly will be treated equally, or if there are special characteristics of some properties that warrant special treatment, such as a corner lot (price may differ because of the size of the property-- not all properties are the same even on the same block);
  • Formula to determine purchase price of each lot (here, land is being sold and not the improvements of the property such as renovation, upgrades, new paint, floor plan, condition of the property, appliances, new fixtures,-none of that matters.)
  • Whether any of the sellers have specific needs, such as a tenanted property (what type of lease do you have with the tenant? is it a fixed lease or a month to month? This is very important when finding out when the deveopers can complete);
  • The Official Community Plan for the area (This is determined by the city of Vancouver's zoning department and can be viewed on-line); and
  • Whether the land assembly would be viable for redevelopment and therefore attractive to a potential buyer. (Here, the developer has to determine whether your land assembly is cost effective and feasible with rising cost for labour, materials, analysis and careful planning takes time and cost to the developer.) 

In a land assembly, all parties enter into binding contracts which means each party is bound by the other party.  Timelines for land assemblies are important because developers need time to develop schematics and plans to see whether or not the land assembly is cost effective given variables like cost of materials, rising price of labour, land, etc. 

Due to this extended timeline, there are generally a number of deposits given throughout the process. Consideration must be given to the amount of time a property is tied up by the contract before the subject conditions are removed, since there is no guarantee the transfer will complete until subjects are removed.

Our seminar will englighten sellers who are thinking about selling their home as land assembly or for those who are just wanting more information. Our scheduled seminar is on Saturday, September 8th in Vancouver. 

For more information and to find out about our upcoming seminar, venue, and to pre-register, contact Geraldine Santiago at or TEXT/CALL : (604) 764-6873.


Land Assembly 101 Seminar for Sellers

Thinking of SELLING your property and want to know how to maximize its full selling potential?  Developers are snatching up properties and buying real estate in blocks to ake way for high rise and mid rise condos and multiple dwelling units.  But what exactly are developers looking for?  
In land assemblage or plottage, two or more parcels of real estate are combined into one parcel and a higher value is created for the assembled parcel than for the individual parcels.
Do you own a property that is right for redevelopment? Does your property location allow higher density in the near future?  Don't know where to look, or who to ask?  Then, attend our lunch and learn education seminar with industry experts on hand as keynote speakers.
Find out about the latest in land assembly and how to leverage your property by selling with your neighbours.  Selling parcels of land to a developer with your neighbours can be exponentially difficult.  Are price points agreed upon together?  What about market shifts and escalation clauses?  Deposit holders?  What are some of the costs ?  Who are my team member and what are their costs?  
Pre-register at, or TEXT or CALL me at (604) 764-6873 or email at


Subdivide and Conquer: Know Your Home's Future Value Now Geraldine Santiago

I've seen it, heard it, read it everywhere: " Capacity is needed." The demand for mid-rise housing continues to increase throughout Metro Vancouver as more residents want affordable choices for family living. Developers and builders are seeking options.

BCStats projects that by 2035, 768,600 more people will be living in the Lower Mainland, with 145,735 more within Vancouver's city limits alone. That's a growth rate of 1.3 per cent per year.

How does our area meet this demand? Densification.

As a long-term real estate agent in Metro Vancouver, I've seen this trend gaining momentum. It used to be that just your location within Metro Vancouver dictated your property's value. Now it's a combination of the associated lot size, zoning and future development potential.

The region is creating transit-oriented communities. It can be expected that single family homes within .5 KM of a rapid transit hub may be rezoned to allow greater density to make way for townhouses, row homes, or even mixed-use towers.

Metro Vancouver regional rapid transit plans

In my experience, if you buy a property and don't consider how zoning and subdividing the lot over time could affect its future value, you might be missing out on a tremendous investment opportunity. And if you are looking to sell, seize the opportunity to learn about zoning and subdividing in order to optimize your property's value.

Do you know your property's zoning options?

The reality is that Vancouver needs more housing options, and the only direction to go is up. Consider how high a developer can build on a lot to accommodate mid-rise, duplex, triplex and row housing relative to the zoning bylaws within a particular area in Metro Vancouver.

Zoning not only refers to the division of land into two parcels, it can include consolidation of two or more parcels into a single site, the adjustment of an existing property line or dedication of land for road or lane purposes.

The City of Vancouver is divided into zoning districts with their own particular zoning bylaws. For details on each district, you need to check the Zoning and Development Bylaw and any official development plan bylaws that may apply to that area.

Land use is divided into "Outright" or "Conditional." Outright land uses are those permitted providing that all the regulations are met. Conditional refers to land uses that have impact on the community and must meet numerous government-specified criteria before being approved.

The key to properly valuing your lot is clearly understanding its full potential and best use. This includes factors such as your property's Floor Space Ratio (FSR).

FSR is calculated by taking the floor area of a building on a lot and dividing it by the area of the lot. Depending on your zoning, FSR maximums can vary from .65 to 1.45. For example a property in Kitsilano, zoned RT-8, with a 33 x 127 square-foot lot has a total of 4,100 square feet. The outright FSR is .5 with a conditional increase to 0.75. Therefore, depending on the FSR, this lot could have a structure from 2,095-3,143 square feet built on the property.

Other important questions to consider before listing your property for sale include: Do you know your property's permitted use? Do you know which properties in your neighbourhood have applied to rezone their property?

Due to the complexity of zoning bylaws, partnering with your listing agent to maximize your property's value has become more important than ever. If you don't take advantage of your area's zoning laws and its future development potential, and promote them relative to your lot, you could easily undervalue your property.

Translink Transit-Oriented Communities Design Guidelines

Future value should also be a part of how a property is assessed when purchasing.

If you are a first-time home buyer, you can invest in a property to sell it in a short period of time with a high rate of return if there is infrastructure being built around it. Think of your property's appreciation and anticipation. Anticipation is created by the expectation of benefits to be derived in the future. Home buyers may anticipate that a property in a certain neighbourhood will be in demand in the next five years, and may be motivated to purchase the property for future development."

This trend could translate into increased real estate values for properties located around transit hubs and lesser values of properties that are located farther away, due to the increase in supply over time.

Whether you're buying or selling, look for the market potential of the property five years from now. Consider where new transit lines, roads and amenities are being built, and how this will influence the property's future value.

You can find out more about your city's zoning plans at these links:


Drive for Density Transforms Vancouver Housing

DERRICK PENNER (VANCOUVER SUN) VANCOUVER — A single house in Vancouver is no longer a single house in the age of eco-density.

With property prices in the stratosphere and the city under pressure to encourage more affordable forms of housing, most single family homes can potentially be three housing units — a main house with a secondary suite, then a separate laneway suite.

And as the city completes more of its neighbourhood plans, single family lots can become something else entirely as developers assemble properties to turn them into higher density multi-family townhouses or mid-rise apartments.

“I think the focus that the city has placed on affordable housing and what they’re doing in other areas opens up the discussion at the city in terms of alternate forms of development,” said architect Larry Adams, principal at the Vancouver firm NSDA.

The move toward densification is most visible along streets such as Cambie or around Oakridge Centre, where it’s the city’s priority. Seeing what is happening there has definitely “piqued people’s interest” in the potential for continuing it along other arterial streets in other areas of the city, Adams added.

His firm is working on a rezoning proposal to turn three lots zoned for two-dwelling use at First Avenue and Victoria Drive into a 26-unit housing complex designed as an “intentional community,” which would include social housing.

Adams called the site something of a “poster child” for higher density, because although the lots are surrounded by single-family homes, they are used as parking by the Grandview Calvary Baptist Church and are at a high-traffic intersection.

The process, however, hasn’t become any less complex, Adams said, and hasn’t become an easier sell in single-family neighbourhoods.

Proposals for land assemblies of single-family lots for multi-family rezoning have recently begun to hit the city’s planning department in the Norquay Village neighbourhood surrounding Kingsway and Slocan Street in East Vancouver, according to Brian Jackson, the city’s general manager of planning and development.

Jackson said the city wants to encourage row housing and stacked townhouses in that area — housing types that are less common than houses and condos.

The city is pleased with the types of townhouses being built on the Cambie and Granville Street corridors, noting “housing innovation happens at the high end.”

The city approved a new Norquay neighbourhood plan in 2010, and to help applications along, Jackson said they’ve “pre-zoned” most of the neighbourhood’s blocks to accommodate higher-density uses. And this is where he wants to see similar housing types, but at a much lower cost.

“There are creative ways of increasing density in our single-family neighbourhoods,” Jackson said. “And the city has done that by allowing three units on almost every single-family lot in the city of Vancouver.”

The laneway house is the most visible manifestation of that effort, and Jackson said more than 1,100 have either been built or are going through the planning process since the policy was approved in 2009.

Such developments should give homeowners the incentive to do some research about the potential for their single-family home when they are considering selling, according to realtor Geraldine Santiago.

“If you only have one property, you want to maximize it,” said Santiago, a realtor with Re/Max Crest Realty Westside.

Santiago held a seminar recently for homeowners on subdividing and rezoning — titled Subdivide and Conquer — to test the waters of public interest. She said the event attracted close to 20 people, and there were several realtors in the crowd.

The key point of her seminar was for homeowners to know the exact size of the lot their house sits on and what its specific zoning is, so they can determine what is allowed on the property.

“The most important asset you have right now is your lot,” Santiago said, noting the physical improvements on the lot — the house — eventually depreciate.

And Santiago said the development potential for land assemblies isn’t always in large-scale, multi-family projects. Smaller builders might be interested in pursuing duplexes in some single-family zones.

However, there are limits to the city’s willingness to expand higher-density options, according to Jackson.

Jackson said the city’s preference is to work in locations that are covered by updated plans or specific policy, such as Oakridge, Norquay and Marpole. Outside of those areas, Jackson said planners are discouraging land assemblies along arterial streets until updated plans are in place.

Adams said single-family neighbourhoods are typically resistant to changes that bring higher density housing, although the city does need change.

“I don’t think every single single-family lot is right for development,” Adams said.

Land Assembly Seminar 101 with Geraldine Santiago, Realtor & Author



Land Assembly Seminar 101 



Get ready for our Lunch and Learn Week-end seminar for sellers wanting to sell their home as land assembly or plottage.  Selling your home to a developer is exponentially difficult as you will be selling your home together with your neighbours.  Learn about what to expect about the process before you begin.


Learn about pricing pitfalls, escalation clauses during market shifts, realistic time frames, understanding your goals, dealing with developers, tenants, costs incurred, deposit holders, deposits (when do I get my initial deposit), and yes, a lot, lot more!


Stay tuned for updates on dates scheduled with industry experts.  Email me or PM me for location events at and TEXT (604) 764-6873 Code Word :  LAND.



Vancouver Neighbourhood Values by Geraldine Santiago

Neighbourhood Values by Geraldine Santiago, Realtor

When Realtors like myself place a value on your home, we know the local real estate market statistics, but most importantly, they know the intrinsic nature of the neighbourhood and its surroundings. Your property's location is valued as well its neighbourhood.

Values are placed on whether your neighbourhood has a certain 'cachet' or in other words-- 'neighbourhood appeal'. And these values can either be positive or negative. In France, the 7th Arrondissement in Paris, which is located on the Left Bank, is Paris' quintessential neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is filled with culture and history. Its vintage atmosphere is the ideal and central location, in the heart of Paris. Here, there are unique shops, boutiques, book stores, antique stores, art galleries, chocolate shops, neighbourhood street markets, cafes and charming bistros-- all on quaint cobbled streets. The ambiance is full of character, full of joie de vivre!

In the United States and Canada, neighbourhoods with white picket fences, rather than chain linked fences, have positive values. In addition, neighbourhoods with well established and leafy trees and foliage, rather than that of a newly developed area without any greenery or landscaping whatsoever, have a positive value. Examples of negative values are~ To read more, go to:

For more on home buying and to attend our home buying seminar, go to

Text me or email at (604) 764-6873 or


Real Property is Unique by Geraldine Santiago

Real property is unique. Homes that are in the same neighbourhood, same street and even adjacent property are all different. Even if they look different, one might have a bigger lot size. 

In an apartment building, units vary in size, number of bedrooms, views, location, etc. Because it is unique, it has certain aspects that cannot be compared to another property. Each unit --even new building developments--is different. Appliances and finishes might be either inferior or superior to another unit, i.e. granite kitchen counter, stainless steel appliances, brand names Bosch vs. Maytag.

For a single detached home, the type of dwelling is unique from house to house even on the same block. The size of the dwelling, the landscaping, interior and exterior finishes, are all to be taken into account, and not easy to compare. These are some of the many aspects we look for when Realtors value a property. The more closely aligned the seller's and buyer's value a property's aspects, the better able the buyer and seller can achieve their goals.

For buyers, understanding that because a home is unique, be prepared to compete and bid as chances are there won't be one like it.

Attend our home buying seminar for more information about the process, market trends, forecasts, statistics & more.

Go to for scheduled events, or TEXT / email me at (604) 764-6873. 


Why do YOU think Vancouver's real estate prices are high? by Geraldine Santiago

Beautiful British Columbia, Beautiful Vancouver: Vancouver is a beautiful city with its location close to the water. The ocean, however, means there is limited inventory, and therefore no land to build on. Because there is limited inventory, there is a premium on land.

Land is a precious commodity. It cannot be replaced and it cannot be manufactured. When valuing a property, recognizing that inventory is crucial. Supply and demand. In any market whether you are buying hammers or nails, real estate is no different. Look at the supply and number of inventory that are in your search criteria to determine whether or not you need to value the property higher and aggressively bid for the property. If you think that 'another property like it' will come along, think again!!! Believe me, it's easier to say that and it is far from reality.  Each property is unique and there won't be another one just like it.  

Real estate 101 tells us that each property is unique and whenever the word 'unique' is used, you know it's going to cost more.  

For more info on buying, attend our home buying seminar. Our expert team members offer free home buying and selling seminars. Go on line for the latest events at or TEXT me at (604) 764-6873.


Past, Present and Future of Vancouver Real Estate by Geraldine Santiago

In 2001 a 500 sq.ft, one bedroom condo in KITSILANO sold for $159,000 and today, a similar sized condo in KITSILANO sells for $549,000.

If you are purchasing a condo today, one wonders--what will the future hold for condo prices in 2018 and is buying a condo in Vancouver still a good investment? Land is scarce, labour wages are increasing, population growth, global economies, longevity among Canadians all contribute to rising prices, not to mention that shelter is a basic necessity. For 2018, unless labour is replaced by inexpensive robots and we start building cities on water (ocean) and on land gradients (mountaints), then prices will continue to increase. If you have always rented, you know that every year, your rent increases, while mortgage payments eventually decrease over time.

If you want to find out more about home buying, attend one of our home buying seminars scheduled throughout the year. Go to my website at or attend our free home buying seminar for the latest market trends and statistics, mortgage information & more.

Email me for real estate updates or TEXT me at or (604) 764-6873


Mortgage Stress Test Explained by Geraldine Santiago

We’re officially a month into 2018, and one full month into the latest mortgage stress test. Are you feeling the pinch? With the Bank of Canada’s latest interest rate hike, and more increases rumoured for 2018, if you’re looking to buy a home and sweating a bit about budget, you’re not alone.

But let’s take a step back and look at the stress test from a different perspective. Why was the stress test introduced? Concerns are mounting about the amount of household debt Canadians have been taking on. With interest rates hitting a record low, many stretched their home-buying budget (and mortgage amount!) to the max – particularly in Canada’s priciest housing markets, such as Greater Toronto and Vancouver. Attend our free home buying seminar SATURDAY, March 10 (North Vancouver) and March 24th (Vancouver) from 11-1pm. Pre-register as space is limited. or TEXT me for more info at (604) 764-6873


March 24, 2018 SATURDAY Home Buying Seminar

Did you know that Vancouver is the 3rd city in unaffordability according to Robert J Shiller, 2013 Nobel Laureate in economics, who surveyed 92 cities in 9 countries? Affordability is based on the ratio of house prices and income, and Hong Kong is the least affordable city, followed by Sydney and Vancouver. To find out more, attend our first time home buying seminar on Saturday,March 24 in Vancouver, from 11-1pm. For more info and to pre-register, go to or TEXT me at (604)764-6873

Four industry experts will provide insight on the housing market in metro Vancouver.  


Pulling Teeth & Buying Real Estate By Geraldine Santiago

I'm always asked about whether or not buyers or sellers can purchase or sell a home on their own. The analogy is like pulling teeth while at a dentist or building my own house. Though technically, I could pull my own tooth, or if I was stranded on a deserted island and had to make my own shelter, then perhaps. But if not, then my answer is NO!!!

In the case of my tooth, I could hurt myself, damage the roots or nerves, get an infection, bleed profusely, and so on. When building a house, I know the rudiments of making a house, but I wouldn't want to use a saw or drill or use heavy equipment and machinery. So, in the same way, when buying or selling real estate, why not hire a professional Realtor? There are so many things a home buyer / seller must do in order to have a successful sale and it is always better to leave it to professionals.

For more info, go to my website at or TEXT me for info on upcoming home buying seminars on real estate at (604) 7646873.


Know When to Walk Away from a Deal by Geraldine Santiago

What is your tolerance level? First time home buyers -- what is your tolerance level? For this I mean-- what will make you walk away from the deal?

After competing with an offer, and winning, you are now privy to strata documents, contingency funds, financial statements, building inspection report. Your offer to purchase will have terms such as a subject to a home inspection. You will have to decide what your tolerance level is, in terms of a dollar figure. If your tolerance level is $5000 and anything that exceeds that amount makes you 'walk away' from the deal, then you must determine beforehand, with yourself, and with your Realtor what that number might be.

Discuss this beforehand with your Realtor and give yourself ample time to think about it.  

For more tips and information on home buying, attend one of our yearly seminars.  Go to or Email me at or TEXT (604) 764-6873 for updates on home buying and selling seminars throughout the year.



Congratulations! You're a home owner and you move in to your first home. And then there's a hiccup. WHAT?  

A huge wine stain on the floor, a cracked window, appliances that don't work, an electrical surge, keys and remotes that don't open doors, leaky faucet, heat not working, hot water tank leaking, garage full of junk and furniture, an unexpected snow storm, or fixtures that were removed by the seller or tenant.

Stay calm and focus. There are remedies and with your Realtor on hand to help guide you, you will not face these problems on your own. Whether you are buying a brand new property from a developer or a resale home, there are certain aspects that you can avoid or even anticipate.

If it is an older home, or property, building inspection reports do not provide a TIME for when the electrical surge will happen, or for a gas leak. That is beyond anyone's scope. Make sure you purchase home insurance before you take possession as these hiccups, unfortunately, do occur.

Attend our yearly seminar on home buying.  Go to or Email/text me for upcoming events for buyers and sellers.  Email: and (604) 764-6873


Home Buying Seminar, Lunch & Learn March 24, 2018 SATURDAY



Attend our home buying seminar on SATURDAY, March 24th, from 11-1pm in VANCOUVER, RE/MAX Crest Realty Office and learn from industry experts about buying your first home. Whether you are a first time home buyer, investor, new immigrant, buying a new home from a developer, move up or down buyer, this seminar is for you.


Learn more about the current market, latest trends in real estate, how to best leverage your mortgage, how the mortgage 'stress test' plays an important role in your application, how to avoid a 'leaky condo', costs to the buyer and a lot, lot more!  You will hear from a mortgage broker, a Realtor, a certified home inspector and a notary public.


Remove some of the stress from buying but 'knowing' what to expect, what your role should be, how to build and select your team of experts.  


Please register on line at, or TEXT me at (604) 764-6873.  


Refreshments and light sandwiches servced.


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